THERACK® All In One Gym - 30 lbs - ORDER NOW!

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THERACK® All In One Gym - 30 lbs   - ORDER NOW!

THERACK® All In One Gym is a multi-patented and trademarked workout beast!



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It’s tough, versatile and portable. It’s the only piece of equipment that takes Old School moves like push-ups, crunches and dips to the next level. All by using your own body weight as primary resistance. No gimmicks. No rubber bands. No quick fixes. The only short-cut about THERACK® is the way its 30 pounds of steel framing easily reconfigures to perform more than 20 legit body-building and strengthening exercises. Allowing you to hit and sculpt 7 different body parts – shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, chest, abs and legs. Even if you’re at the gym every day, you will “feel” THERACK® workout immediately.

There’s nothing like THERACK® at any price. Period. And when you consider that you can spend hundreds of dollars on a single-purpose dip machine alone, the price of this multi-purpose piece of equipment is one of the most impressive things about it.

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